2D LOGO BRANDING //                                                                   £50 - $60


Branding is everything! and can help take you to the next level and reach the audience you deserve! All of our logo's are Custom made and are designed to your exact specifications. Even if you don't have a clear idea in mind we will help you get the result you are looking for.

Logo's start at £50-$60 and vary in Price Depending on your needs, for example we can add textures and different color variations.

WHAT DO I GET? - When you are 100% happy with the final logo all Documents will be emailed to you, this includes both black and white versions, The vector and all PNG flies ( perfect for flyers ) also any other formats you require.

3D LOGO BRANDING //                                                                     £75 - $95


Lets take your LOGO to the next level!, In this option the 2D LOGO is also included but with this we can add different 3D textures, Glows and any other effects you want! The possibilities are endless with this option because there is no effect we cant achieve, Fire, Electric, Stone, Ice, Rock........ANYTHING! 

Logo's start at £75-$94 and vary in Price Depending on your needs, for example we can Add background art or animate your logo and have moving components. (examples below) 

WHAT DO I GET? - Like the 2D option, We work until you are 100% happy with it and then email you all the Documents you require, PNGS, Vectors, JPEGS. Animations can be sent as MP4S or looping GIF image's.



Need a Design??..We have got you Covered, from Logos for Merchandise to Visual/Animation. We follow your guidelines and work until you are 100% happy with it. Chat to our team now, Lets bring your idea to life...


NEWS - Dropout TV coming soon.....We will be uploading speed arts, tutorials and much more! to our YouTube channel so don't miss out! 


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